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Sat, 24 Aug



The Grand Skate Tour : Oxford

**details coming soon**

The Grand Skate Tour : Oxford
The Grand Skate Tour : Oxford

Time & Location

24 Aug 2024, 11:00 – 25 Aug 2024, 03:00

Oxford, Oxford, UK

About the event

The Grand Skate Tour 2024 : Oxford!!!

**details coming soon**

Please ensure you read and understand the rules and disclaimers fully before attending any event



Skate at your own risk! Whilst the marshal team will do their best to keep everyone safe, you remain responsible for your own safety. Any harm to your or others is your responsibility.  Wear appropriate protective gear, such as helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, bum pads. If you have a fall or equipment failure, we will stop the skate in a safe spot and do our best to help you.

Skate within your abilities. Whilst our pre-events cater for some beginner abilities, the main street skate is for intermediate/advanced level only. You should be able to stop, turn, go up and down curbs, engage reasonable slopes and keep a reasonable speed of 8-10mph for 10-12 miles. You must finish the skate unaided. Steeper hills will have an option for an alternative safer descent in case you do not feel confident. We will not push you beyond your abilities. If you are unsure, speak to a member of the marshal team. There will be two stops along the route for refreshments and a rest (plus a few quick photo stops on the way). We will be skating in the road for the majority. Pavements should only be used when directed in order to not put pedestrians at risk.

Keep behind the lead marshal. This is to keep everyone in a single group and avoid traffic dangers and enable marshals to keep the group safe. Overtaking the lead marshal is strictly forbidden and will result in your exclusion. You will notice the cam crew and runner/ blocker marshals going ahead of the lead. Ensure you identify the lead marshal and stick behind them. Do not follow the runners as this will put you and others in danger.

Stay in front of the rear marshals. They are responsible for keeping the group together as one. If you fail to keep up with the rear marshal you will be asked to drop out. This is for the safety of you and all the participants. We will try to identify if we think you will struggle within the first few miles so you are close to the start point to return. Please do not take it personally, but keep practising and come back when you are ready.

Allow marshals to pass. Runner marshals will be stopping to block traffic at junctions, then need to get back to the front to block the next junction. ALWAYS KEEP LEFT and leave space for them to pass on your right. When on the road, stay left of the white lines and leave space within that lane for runner marshals to pass.

Check your equipment (wheels and frames tightened) prior to the skate. Fasten your safety gear.

Respect the marshals, all attendees and the general public. Listen to the marshals' directions. Any abuse or disrespect will result in you being excluded from the activities and further action may be taken. If you encounter any issues, report to a marshal.

Attend the briefing before the skate. Every route and location has different characteristics and even experienced skaters need to be aware of what to expect. It will a take few minutes, and it helps us build the vibe for the skate. Please join in! Be part of it all. Every route is checked before the skate by our team. Take this opportunity to identify the lead and rear marshals for your safety.

Consumption of alcohol/narcotic substances during the event is strictly forbidden. Any Skater visibly under the influence of alcohol/narcotics will be refused to take part in the skate. Let's have a drink after the skate if you wish!

You must be a minimum age of 18 or be accompanied by a responsible adult who will look after you.

Filming and photography is an integral part of the activities and is permitted at "The Grand Skate Tour". You can be filmed whilst undertaking activities and the footage may be used for publicity, online media and social media channels. Please take your own shots when safe to do so and remember to tag us on social media.

Adverse weather. The Grand Skate Tour will not cancel the event unless it is extremely rainy, windy or generally unsafe. Use your own judgement as to whether you partake given the conditions on the day.

Bring your best attitude and vibes. We love to skate! Let's roll together.

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